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Buying a Used Hamilton

Helping your lab refurbish used equipment

Just acquire a used Hamilton Microlab STAR or STARlet from auction?  Get is up and running quickly with out refurbishing and programming services! Our team of qualified technicians will work diligently to deliver the results you need, and we make communication and response times a top priority. We understand the needs of our clients and work to provide the best price for our refurbishing services.


Auction Sites

There are a record number of liquid handlers changing hands post-COVID.  Many labs are pivoting, growing, shrinking or changing focus completely.  This has caused a spike in availability of used equipment turn up in auction groups and on auction websites. 

If you were lucky and scooped up a liquid handler at a discounted price, you may be facing an uphill battle to get that unit ready to run samples, generate data and turn a profit.  At Nugget Scientific, we can help!

Shipping, Installation, IQ/OQ, Service Contracts, Repairs, Upgrades, Method Development, Accessories and More!

We are here to help you-help your clients.  By brining new life into equipment we can help with your biggest chanalges

Instrument Brokers

Aside from popular and industry specific auction site, there are a number of known and trusted brokers who focus on buying and selling lab automation.

We work with a number of them regularly.  

If you would like a current list of the groups we truct, please drop us a line.

As with auction sites, we are welcome the oppertunity to service all Microlab STARs and STARlets.


Direct Acquisitions 

On occasion lab equipment is passed around from lab to lab in larger organizations.

Moving down the hall has far fewer chalanges than moving cross country.  Regardless of the distance traveled we still give the same attention to detail and communication it takes to get your lab up and running quickly.

Interested in learning more about Nugget Scientific supports your purchases?

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive Technical Service support plans for your laboratory's liquid handlers, fill in the Contact Us form and someone from Nugget Scientific will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

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