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Field Verification Service

Have Confidence In Your Results

 Nugget Scientific's Field Verification Service gives you insight into how precise and accurate your system is performing and the steps you can take to further improve your system's performance. 


Verify Pipetting Performance

We are offering gravimetric volume measurements to ensure accurate and precise pipetting performance from your Hamilton STAR Line Instrument. 

Gravimetric analysis allows for superior accuracy and precision data as we can measure volumes as low as 1uL . 


Liquid Class Optimization

Following our verification service we offer a comprehensive report detailing each channel's individual performance with its precision and accuracy readings.


Using this data you will be able to fine tune your liquid classes to optimize how your instrument handles your liquids, to give you the best performance possibly from your system. 


Want to set up a service or just want to learn more? Let us know from our Contact Us page

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