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Kingfisher flex 96 SERVICES


Equipment Servicing 

At Nugget, our core is around servicing and repairing the best laboratory equipment on the market.  We have decades of experience and countless happy clients nationwaide.  We regularly perform IQs, OQs, Preventative Maintenance, general repair or complex upgrades and offer Service Contracts.

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3rd Party Service Provider

Nugget Scientific's focus is to help your lab keep critical equipment running.  Our team has been a trusted 3rd party source for KingFisher™ Flex 96 Installs, Repairs and Preventative Maintenance Contracts.  Our scaleable team has an industry leading response time and quality service.

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Appropriate Pricing

As our Kingfisher™ team only focuses on a limited number of platforms, we are able to stay aggressive on pricing.  Generally around 40% less expensive than our competition.  We do this by staying lean, focusing on technical excelence and client satisfaction.

Logistics Services

Nugget Scientific offers peace of mind all in one shipping and installation service for your Thermo Kingfisher™ Flex 96 units. Let us take care of the packaging and safe transport of you instruments. 


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