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Hamilton® STAR™ 8 Ch Autoload 96 Head

Hamilton® STAR™ 8 Ch Autoload 96 Head


SN E606

  • 8 1000uL Individual Pipetting Channels
  • Autoload Workstation Base
  • CORE 96 MPH II 1000uL
  • Control PC
  • Description


    Hamilton MICROLAB STAR Liquid Handler:

    Span-8, CO-RE Grippers

    The heavy tinted panels allow for automation of samples more sensitive to UV

    This system is capable of plate to plate, reservoir to plate, and tube to plate transfers

    The Independent channels can dispense up to 1000ul transfers per pipette

    The iSwap gripper allows for plates and tip racks to be moved around the deck

    This system is set up for use with disposable tips

    The addition of the autoloader allows for sample tracking through the method

    This system will be correctly packed for safe shipping domestically and internationally


    • Desktop PC running Venus software v4.5 (w/ monitor, mouse and keyboard)

      Communication and power cables

      Configuration and Setup:

      Robotic Arms: Span-8, CO-RE Grippers, 96 head

    • Channels: 8, 96 Head

    • Volume Range: 0.5-1000uL for Span-8

    • Usable Tips: 10, 50, 300, 1000ul CO-RE disposable tips

    • System Table Included

    • Application: liquid handling and sample preparation


      Weight: 500kg

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